Vintage Vibes brings the best of three decades to your event with a seasoned touch.

With over 20 years of DJ experience, Vintage Vibes specializes in curating the perfect mix of 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s music, guaranteed to transport you through time.

Whether you’re craving the nostalgic beats of yesteryears or seeking a retro twist for your modern event, Vintage Vibes is your ultimate musical maestro, infusing every occasion with unforgettable energy and timeless tunes

Let us create the perfect vibe for your event. We specialise in collating the perfect theme night to our client's tastes.


Some of the genres our clients love for theme parties

  • 70s disco
  • 70s punk
  • 80s cheese
  • Britpop
  • 90s pop
  • 90s grunge
  • Late 90s to mid-00s indie
  • Early 00s RnB
  • Indie Sleaze


We can take a decade in music and create the perfect sound for your event:

  • 50s: The Dawn of Rock n Roll
  • 60s: The Beatles Revival
  • 70s: Disco and Rock
  • 80s: Pop and New Wave
  • 90s: Grunge and Hip Hop
  • 00s: Pop Renaissance
  • 10s: Digital Revolution